​Nothing excites me more than creativity. The abilities to brainstorm, connect, organize are often underrated. Daydreaming is not synonymous with lack of productivity. What happens when we lose touch with our creative selves? I hope to never learn.

I’ve been writing since childhood. Then, I struggled to form letters, ‘E’s with too many lines, ‘R’s backward and inept to turn. My name was depicted in crayon-coded umbrellas; large drops falling about the construction paper page, attempting to tell a story about myself. Eagerly, I filled primary composition books, those complete with dotted lines, which helped me to aim letters the correct sizes. My favorite holiday gift was not the trendiest toy, but a clean notebook. I didn’t discriminate between those that were spiral-bound, marble-covered, or daintily decorated with images of flowers. I filled the pages with depictions of my everyday life, experimenting with those gaps between fact and fiction.

Now, whether if I am writing poems or press releases, it is a point of pride to brainstorm and develop ideas into polished productions.

My work in various written genres – creative writing, academic literary research, blogging, social media and marketing copywriting allows me to approach assignments from innovative angles.

Learn more about my professional abilities by reading my full resume.

Raina Fields
Social Media and Public Relations Professional

I am an APR-certified strategic communications practitioner, professional writer and arts administrator with eight years of experience working for arts and higher education institutions. I serve as an active counselor to senior leadership, internal communicators and community partners on public relations, marketing, issues management and social media.